Giving it a vintage touch, this bookstore makes you nostalgic!
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 21-Jan-2018

Nanjing, January 21: Books are considered as man’s best friend. It not only gives you knowledge but capacity and ability to think rationally and grow intelligent. Spending time in bookstores are the best past-time for a person who is an utter bookworm.


To bring people together and encourage them to come back to the basic trend of reading, this bookstore in Nanjing, China will make you nostalgic. Wu Zai Bookstore is intended to bring the memories of the people in Nanjing City and encourage them to share their reading experiences. The bookstore covers around 600 square meter areas and has more than 10,000 books on literature, poetry, tourism and healthcare along with cultural and creative products.

The interiors of the bookstore scream of the old times of the city, integrating Rococo Style decorations with old historical images. The bookstore also contains a professional stage for the writers-reader session, expert talks and art performances. For relaxing the readers, coffee and desserts are also served in this library.

However this bookstore is a gift for the book lovers and readers, leaving behind those technology and experiencing the mainstream love for books. Apart from these if you are an ardent lover of ancient history and love vintage architecture, this is somewhere you need to visit at least once.