Punjab approves Rental Housing policy for best accommodation of students, migrant labourers
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 25-Jan-2018
Chandigarh, January 25: Rental Housing scheme, a first policy of its kind was approved by Punjab government to facilitate proper housing accommodation for students, corporate professionals, senior citizens, migrant labourers and others in the state.
Notably, the Punjab cabinet headed by Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh approved the draft policy of Rental Housing scheme. The policy proposes several financial and physical incentives including maximum ground coverage permissible shall be 60 percent of the plot area with maximum FAR of 1:3.0, as against the general plotted residential developments which have maximum ground coverage of 50 percent and permissible FAR of 1:1.5.
Besides, up to two percent of the availed FAR may be used for daily use shops such as canteen, ATM, grocery, pharmacy, fruit or vegetable shop, etc, as per the draft policy, which further provides that there would be no restriction on height of such buildings subject to fulfilment of fire safety, structure safety and parking norms. Other features of the policy include fixing of parking norms at the rate of one ECS per 100 square metre covered area.
The policy also provides for financial incentives, such as CLU, EDC and Permission Fee to be payable at the rate of 50 percent of the charges as applicable to residential plotted development. However, the financial incentives will not be available to projects within municipal limits.
The draft policy has been formulated in view of the fact that due to lack of proper housing accommodation in educational campuses, corporate units or call centres, business or industrial establishments etc, about 80 percent students and working professionals or migrant labourers etc have to seek accommodation outside educational campuses or work places or industrial establishments. As a result, a large number of paying guests’ facilities and old age homes etc are coming up in urban areas without proper facilities.
Similarly, due to lack of proper accommodation for migrant labourers, a number of slums have come up, which do not have even basic facilities. This not only encourages unauthorised and unplanned development but also makes the life of the residents miserable.