Bringing ‘Parivartan’ by using Eco-friendly methods, Indian villages aim for development
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 29-Jan-2018

Sindhudurg, January 29: Parivartan Kendra an initiative intended to promote progress and development to the rural areas of the country. As the name Parivartan suggests change, likewise the officials are also planning things which would help the interior areas to develop and progress. Basing back to the roots, the use of solar energy has been very incorporative in all the possible ways and its use in solar railways and public transportation has been increasing considerably.


With the framework of seeing a bright future the Department of Commerce and Industry has set up bio gas unit in Konkan villages. The Sindhudurg district has been incorporated by the bio gas plant with the view to enable the farmers and women of rural areas to lead a better life and teach them the benefits of having an eco-friendly environment.

The benefits of this initiative aim at the following:

  • The project will generate employment for needy and poor persons.
  • The farmers will be guided to pursue additional income generation activities.
  • Women will save at least 2-3 hours every day due to the use of biogas for cooking and will utilize the time for generating income for themselves and their families.
  • Use of biogas will improve the health of women.
  • Emission from greenhouse gases and use of fossil fuels will be reduced.
  • Poor, landless farmers will be strengthened due to poverty eradication through increased incomes because of milk and better nutrition- better health etc.


Apart from this the Government is also trying to train the trainers so as to enable them to discuss and explain this concept to the farmers and allow and encourage them to make use of it. Through this Parivartan Kendra training is provided to the master trainers who will in turn train the members of Gram Panchayats on various aspects like natural resource mapping, fund utilization planning, financial accounting etc.

This noble initiative by the government will therefore help the poor farmers to develop and bring out new methods for their livelihood. Bringing change for progress and development this plan aims at creating a future where actual India will evolve into a bright and innovative India.