Mumbai Police residing in BDD chawls to get assured residences in MHADA
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 30-Jan-2018

Mumbai, January 30: In an attempt to provide permanent flats to those police personnel residing in the Bombay Development Directorate (BDD) chawl for the past 30 years, the Maharashtra Government has announced that these cops will be given houses in MHADA (Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority). Presently the cops are residing in BDD chawls on rental basis. 

This decision was taken by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in consultation with several MHADA officers. In this context there are around 2950 police personnel who are intended to be given houses in MHADA. It is particularly aiming to those cops who were living in the BDD chawls on a rental basis for the past 30 years.


While discussing the plan, a MHADA official said that the idea is to provide ownership of the houses to the police personnel residing in BDD chawl. The notion is to collect the construction cost of the houses from these police personnel’s and hand over the ownership of the houses to them.

The state government would issue a resolution pertaining to the decision to provide ownership of the houses to the police personnel. After a resolution is passed by the government, the procedure of collecting valid documents would begin in order to find out police personnel.

In the meeting, the officials also discussed about the tenants living in the BDD chawls on an illegal basis. It was decided to regularize penalties to the illegal families residing in BDD chawls. CM Fadnavis also demanded that all the repairs and construction work in these chawls must begin at the earliest.