World Bank support to fragile countries in African continent including Nigeria strikes $14bn
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 31-Jan-2018

Abuja, January 31: To achieve sustainable development agenda 2030, now World Bank is planning to focus more on “economically weak” African countries. The World Bank has decided to raise support to the fragile states of Africa including Nigeria; it has allocated over $14 billion.

The bank’s Country Director, Mr. Rachid Benmessoud spoke in Abuja at a conference themed, “Ideas for action Africa,’ hosted by the bank, in conjunction with the African University of Science and Technology and the University of Lagos. During this conference, he asserted the fundraiser.

World Bank will continue to find new and initiative ways to reach the poor and boost shared prosperity. “Financing development in 21st Century is not what we are supposed to do as the guidelines are already there; rather it is how we are collaborating for maximum impact by investing in win-win solutions,” he said.

But he also reminded the respective countries internal role to carry on the development. “Development has to be led by each country with a focus on protecting its most vulnerable and benefitting its poor,” he said.

“It is a moral responsibility on the part of everyone to do more to help people lift themselves out of both fragility and extreme poverty, to help stabilise the countries they live in, and to give them hope for the future,” he emphasized on the duty of each country.