Even foreigners could not destroy our heritage: Lalji Tandon
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Oct-2018

Vaishali, Oct 10: Bihar Governor Lalji Tandon on Sunday said that even the foreign powers could not destroy our heritage and culture though they damaged it to a great extent. Their consistent invasions have resulted in subduing our pride but they could not erase it permanently. The fundamental principles are still alive today.

The Governor was speaking at a seminar on 'Cultural values: Democracy and Deprived Society organised by Kailashpati Mishra Sansthan.

Senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar and former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan were conspicuous by their presence.

The Governor further said that a section of people are still facing neglect in our country. We must think over it and try to overcome it. He said that these corrupt practices have entered into our society due to historical situations leading to discriminations between men. These deprived people were not allowed access to education and some selfish elements started exploiting them. Due to this this particular section did not possess education and wealth.

Tandon said that country can progress rapidly by following the teachings of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. The benefits of development should be distributed to all. India is one such country that accommodates people of all the religions. Saints like Ravidas, Kabir, Dadu, Jalaram, saved the Indian Religion. Many cultures of the world became extinct but the culture of India is still alive and thriving, he added.

Throwing light on the life and mission of former Governor Kailashpati Mishra, he said that the late Mishra was a thinker and pious individual. He described him as invaluable treasure of Indian heritage.

Former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan said that late Kaislashpati Mishra always worked for the uplift of the poor and neglected sections. Commenting on Bihar schools the former CJI said that though the education system is not very strong here, people of Bihar are exertive. He said that Vaishali is land of spirituality.

RSS leader Indresh Kumar said that Hindu culture is formed with mixing of many castes but unfortunately India is today breaking in the name of castes. He said that there is a need to keep it intact. He said that untouchability is a crime.

Indresh Kumar further said that scholars go alone but the saints take the masses along with them. Man is known not by wealth but by character and behaviour. Denouncing terrorism and Naxalism he said that weapons do not give life, love and peace. They only give death, fear and terror, he added.