Indresh Kumar warns of vested interests trying to corrupt Patthalgadi tradition
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Oct-2018

Ranchi, Oct 11: Senior RSS functionary and Patron of Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) Indresh Kumar underlined the importance of Patthalgadi and said that we must save the nature of Patthalgadi from getting corrupted.

He said that Patthalgadi has a rich history and it has been the medium of information about our ancestors, culture and traditions. But in the recent days it is observed that some elements were bent upon corrupting it to spread separatism in the society and this is very unfortunate. Traditions are never wrong, only when people handle it with hatred it delivers a wrong message. Some destructive elements were trying to divide the society in the name of Patthalgadi, Indresh Kumar said adding “we need to save ourselves and frustrate their designs.”

Indresh Kumar was speaking at a program held at Central Library here on Saturday at a seminar on “Patthalgadi in perspective of National Security its social impact”. The seminar was organised by TRL Department of Ranchi University.

He said that Patthalgadi is another form of inscription engraved on stone thousands of years ago about the village, its resources, and names of important people. It also gave information about unity of people.

Indresh Kumar said that Patthalgadi is a great tradition but sometimes it also gets corrupted. Untruth leads to violence, and opposition and anger while truth begets love, peace, fraternity and development. He said that diversity is our fragrance. Those who obstruct in the name of Patthalgadi are stopping people from getting education, achieving unity, and development. Gram Sabha which is justice incarnate cannot be against development or cannot be dictatorial. Gram Sabha is considered as form of Almighty and not of violence, Indresh Kumar said.

Ranchi University VC Dr Ramesh Kumar Pandey said that Pathalgadi is related to our traditions and to distract it is not advisable.

Pro-VC Dr Kamini Kumar, Dr Hari Uraon and Dr S P Mukherjee University VC Dr S N Munda also spoke on the occasion.

The seminar was attended by FANS Organising Secretary Golok Bihari, Dr Suman Kumar, Dr Shahid Akhtar, Dr Pritam Kumar, Dr Sandip, Senete Members Arjun Ram, and other intellectuals.