14 KG school students stabbed by woman in China
Source :NewsBharati   Date :27-Oct-2018

Chongqing, Oct 27: As many as 14 kindergarten school students were stabbed and wounded at a nursery school in Chongqing in Banan district. The attack took place while the children were doing physical exercises in the Yudong New Century Kindergarten courtyard. The woman attacked them with a kitchen knife, agency reports said.

The woman name Liu in her late 30s was arrested by the police. Social media reports said that the woman had certain grievances which made furious at the government that made her take this extreme step.

In all these years there have been frequent attacks against children in schools. The perpetrators have often expressed anger towards teachers, towards schools that refuse their children, because the government had forced a mother to submit to a forced abortion, or mental insanity.

Last June, a 29-year-old man injured two children outside a primary school in Shanghai; last April in Shaanxi, nine schoolchildren were stabbed to death by Zhao Zewei, a man who was later sentenced to death.