From terror attacks to questioning surgical strike, PM Modi hits a blistering attack on Congress ‘dynastic politics’
Source :NewsBharati   Date :28-Nov-2018

Bharatpur, November 28: Exclaiming Bharatpur to be named as courage and bravery, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the city to be the strength of Rajasthan and thanked people to come out in large support to Bharatiya Janata Party.


Addressing the campaign, PM Modi launched a blistering attack on Congress over 'dynastic politics'. PM Modi said that the Congress party is deeply entrenched in 'dynasty politics' and will not ever think out the future and betterment of the nation. In addition to that, PM Modi also lashed the opposition for corruption and questioning his government's tactics on surgical strikes against Pakistan.

Thanking people of showering their support and showing trust in BJP, PM Modi attacked Congress highlighting that during their rule, the UPA era, there were several bomb blasts be it Mumbai locals, or Ajmer Sharif, or a temple in Varanasi, or 26/11. But, after 2014, such incidents have reduced significantly. Also not forgetting the scams, PM Modi mentioned the many scams – chopper scam, coal scam, 2G spectrum scam which voted the party out of their evil rule in India and voted BJP.


Transforming India into a complete different country of development, PM Modi said that India is making a mark on the map of the world due to the foreign policy adopted by the NDA government – be it the US, Russia, the Middle East, SAARC counties.

Coming down heavily on Congress for commenting on the surgical strike, PM Modi lashed out at the opposition saying, “When India was facing cross-border terrorism and continuous militancy in Kashmir, wasn't it necessary to enter their territory and neutralise these threats. Is there anyone who opposes the Surgical Strike? And, then the Congress party, which is just strategising on how to get the throne in Delhi, has the audacity to ask for proof of the Surgical Strike!”

The Congress party, which has only churned out leaders from their families, who are deeply entrenched in Dynasty politics, will never think about the future of the country and the betterment of the army. The families of the army have been asking for One Rank One Pension (OROP) for 40 years. But, the Congress government never paid heed to those requests. But, the BJP government gave Rs. 11,000 crore from the national treasury to the families of the Jawans.

PM Modi further said that if first Prime Minister of India had been Vallabhbhai Patel, the son of a farmer, the issue of farm distress would never have struck our nation. Swaminathan Commission had given the report on MSP 10 years back, however, the remote control government, run by 'Madame' [Sonia Gandhi] never paid heed to it. Had MSP = 1.5 times the cost of produce been given 10 years back, none of the farmers would be debt-ridden. The BJP government came and resolved the issue