Want your child to learn new dialect? HRD introduces learning 22 languages under Bhasha Sangam programme
Source :NewsBharati   Date :29-Nov-2018

Bengaluru, November 29: Introducing children to new inventions open a wide arena of ideas and innovative thinking for them. Introducing a new programme, the students at government schools across the country will get introduced to 22 Indian languages in a span of one month, under a new project initiated by the Ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD). This project aims at enhancing linguistic tolerance, respect and also promote national integration.


The Bhasha Sangam programme, under the 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat' project of the MHRD, will be followed in schools from November 20 to December 21, 2018, during which schoolchildren will be introduced to all 22 India languages of Schedule VIII of the Constitution.

A digital book with audio recordings of the sentences is available on the websites http://epathshala.gov.in/ and the MHRD website http://mhrd.gov.in/bhashasangam so that students can hear the correct pronunciations. 

The ministry has released a schedule marking dates for each language, and students have already been introduced to Assamese and Bengali on November 20 and 22, respectively. Next on the schedule is Bodo on November 26, and Dogri on November 27. Kannada is scheduled for introduction on November 30.

During the Bhasha Sangam programme, the school authorities have to introduce students to five sentences of the language fixed for that particular day/date by reading out the sentences in the morning assembly and asking the students to repeat them.