The world looks at India differently today– Ram Nath Kovind
Source :NewsBharati   Date :29-Nov-2018

Guwahati, Nov-29: ‘India with rapid developmental rate on every level, now world sees India as an eminent power. World Expects India to play prominent role in shaping the global paradigm in international security, trade and commerce and environmental protection’, Said President Ram Nath Kovind.
He is speaking at Function of 'Awarding the Standards to 118 Helicopter Unit and Colors to Air Defense College on Thursday.
"I have just returned from a visit to Vietnam and Australia. I held discussions with the leaders of both these countries on different areas of mutual interest...The deliberations made one thing amply clear that the world looks at India differently today. India's rise in the international order has many dimensions to it and it draws heavily from the capabilities and valour of our armed forces,"though India remains firmly committed to peace, it is determined to use all its might to protect its sovereignty.," Kovind said.
"Whenever an occasion demanded, our brave men and women in uniform have ensured that the nation has dealt with the security challenges forcefully and effectively," he said.
Kovind said, “both these units have a rich history of professional excellence and have discharged their responsibilities with distinction. The nation honors them today for their selfless devotion, professionalism and courage in the face of adversity. The unit has also contributed towards humanitarian assistance and relief operations during natural disasters. The motto of the unit 'Aapatsu Mitram', which means 'friend in distress', is indeed an apt one”. The Air defense College has achieved significant milestones in training in the past 60 years.
The college provides professional training not only to officers of Indian Air Force but also to services and officers from friendly countries.