PM Modi addresses ‘Yoga for Peace’ program in Buenos Aires
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Nov-2018

New Delhi, November 30: PM Modi on his visit to Argentina for the annual G20 summit was warmly welcomed by the Indian community residing in the capital state. The G20 summit scheduled to begin today proved to be a cheerful moment for PM Modi. “Thousands of kilometres apart, yet bound together by the spirit of oneness! Extremely grateful to the Indian community for the memorable welcome in Argentina.”, tweeted Modi after greeting the Indians there.
In his address to the Indian communitised people in the ‘Yoga for Peace’ programme in Argentina, Modi stated the significance of Yoga saying, “ It is yoga that provides peace to our physical as well as mental health. Peace being the natural need of our health, ultimately aids in maintaining peace in our family, state, nation and the world at large. Yoga in fact is India’s precious gift to the World for the individual health, wellness and peace. 21st June is widely celebrated as the International Yoga Day to prove the commitment towards these significant principles.”
“I am happy that more than 10000 people in Buenos Aires had participated on the International Yoga Day. All the people associated with the tradition of Maharishi Patanjali, I am very thankful to the hundred and fifty million Indians”, he added further.
In the series of tweet in connection to the ‘Yoga for Peace’ program in Buenos Aires, Modi said that Yoga is the only aspect which is capable of connecting humanity across the world. He concluded saying, “Argentina is fond of the Indian Culture, Dance, Music and Indians are huge fans of the Argentina football stars. Yoga has brought us together. I would like to create more such events which will increase the communication and co-operation between the two nations.”