Maharashtra all equipped to face the trauma of draught hit region: CM Fadnavis tells Vidhan Sabha
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Nov-2018


Mumbai, NOV 30: Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis assured Vidhan sabha that, the state government is ready to deal with the drought situation in the state.He was replying to discussion under Rule 293 that commenced on Tuesday on Drought situation in Maharashtra.


State government estimated Rs. 3000 crore provision for drought situation. A proposal for Rs. 7522 Crore sent to Centre for tackling the drought situation in state.


The government has taken step to provide drinking water, water and fodder to animals, EGS (Employment Guaranty Scheme) works, food grains supply to drought-hit people through PDS (Public Distribution Scheme) and other provisions. CM said that, the government is firmly standing behhind drought affected people.

 The state government has declared drought well in time according to new drought policy of the Centre.The Trigger -1 of drought is automatically applicable to areas where rainfall was less than 50% in July and less than 75% in the entire Monsoon season. The break of 3-4 weeks in rainfall, Vegetation index, water index, ground water level, soil moisture, and other indices have made the Triger -2 applicable.

Drought is declared in case of less than 85% rainfall in July and severe drought is declared in case of less than 75% rainfall. The state government has declared drought accordingly.


Then the officers conducted actual ground survey to assess the drought situation and some revenue circles were added to the list earlier declared.