Goa’s Portuguese citizens get letters to enroll as voters
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Nov-2018

Panaji, November 30: Goans who have registered their birth in Portugal and have obtained the Portuguese ID card or BI (bilhete de identidade) have been asked to enroll themselves in the Portuguese voters list.


The letter, which is written in Portuguese, was sent to the registered addresses of Goan residents. Since many of the recipients of Goan origin do not read or speak Portuguese, they contacted their Portuguese passport agent to know what the letter meant.

According to the letter, the information about the citizens living abroad will automatically be added to the census and the voters register along with the

Information submitted during application for the BI. If any changes have to be done, the individual can email or send by post the required changes.

Those living in European Union countries are eligible to vote for the European Union Parliament Elections.

The letter states that individuals living outside Portugal can vote via postal ballot or by going to the nearest Portuguese Consulate. A person also has the option of removing his or her name from the voters register.