Indian Railways will be talking with wind soon! Make in India gifts first engine with aerodynamic and ergonomic design
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Nov-2018

New Delhi, November 5: Indian Railways has got its first engine with the aerodynamic and ergonomic design. The engine, produced by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW). The engine has been produced by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works and will be used to haul trains like Rajdhani Express, Gatiman Express, and Shatabdi Express. With a speed potential of 200 kilometers per hours, this WAP-5 loco is energy efficient and stable for high-speed operation, Railways ministry said.


"Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) has turned out the first aerodynamically designed high-speed WAP-5 passenger electric locomotive on October 24. The engine's design reduces air drag to provide higher speed and more energy efficiency," said the CLW.

The CLW also said that the new locomotive is dynamically stable for high-speed operation.

"The locomotive features an ergonomically re-modified driver desk to provide better facilities to the loco pilots. The CLW has modified the gear arrangements for hauling the locomotive at the top speed of 200 kmph," it said.

Adding another modern feature to this, the CLW has provided the locomotive with Crew Voice and Video Recording System (CVVRS) for Onboard Driving data Recording and Analysis.


"Cameras with microphones are provided at the critical positions inside & outside the locomotive to record the voice and audio signals for post-event analysis with storing the data into digital format," it said.