Washington should not give Islamabad single dollar until, they address the issue of terrorism: Nikki Haley
Source :NewsBharati   Date :10-Dec-2018

Washington DEC 10: Pakistan continued to harbor terrorism, that turn around and now kill American soldiers, Washington should not give Islamabad Single dollar until it addresses the issue of terrorism, said Nikki Haley in the interview with ‘The Atlantic’.


Nikki Haley is first Indo-American person who ever appointed to a cabinet position in any US presidential administration.


“US did not need to give a money to countries which are wish to harm America, go behind its back and try and stop us from doing the things”, she said.


“I think there should be strategic view on which countries we should partner with, which one we count on to work with certain things, and move forward accordingly. So many time, US just blindly allow money without thinking that this is real leverage, we have to use it”, she expressed her views on US support to other countries.


Haley will step down as the UN envoy at the end of this year. US President Donald Trump last week nominated chief State Department spokeswoman and a former Fox News journalist Heather Nauert as Haley's successor.


In October, Haley announced that she was leaving the post by the end of the year. The 46-year-old former South Carolina governor has served nearly two years in the post.


She said, Pakistan should be told "you have to do these things before we will even start to help you with your military or start to help you on counterterrorism".


In September, the Trump administration cancelled USD 300 million in military aid to Islamabad for not doing enough against terror groups active on its soil.


Last month, Trump defended his administration's decision to stop hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan, saying Islamabad does not do "a damn thing" for the US and its government helped late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden hide near its garrison city of Rawalpindi.