French President promises increase in min wages and tax concessions in response to weeks of violent protests
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Dec-2018

Paris, December 11: French President Emmanuel Macron has promised an increase in minimum wages and tax concessions in response to weeks of violent protests. France has seen four weekends of violent protests against fuel tax rises, living costs and other issues.


Speaking in a televised address, Macron condemned the violence but said the protesters' anger was "deep, and in many ways legitimate". He said the minimum wage would increase by 100 euro per month from 2019.

He further said a planned tax increase for low-income pensioners would be cancelled, overtime pay would no longer be taxed, and employers would be encouraged to pay a tax-free end of year bonus to employees.

Yellow vest movement opposed fuel tax rises among host of other issues in France and held demonstrations across the country, however, Government sources said, it has been hijacked by ultra-violent protesters.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris was closed on Saturday amid fears of further street violence from "yellow vest" anti-government protests. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had announced that across France, 89,000 police officers will be on duty and armored vehicles will be deployed in the capital.