EU to reduce new car emissions by 37.5 percent by 2030
Source :NewsBharati   Date :19-Dec-2018

Brussels, December 19: The European Union (EU) forged ahead today with plans to slash carbon dioxide emissions from new cars and vans by 2030. EU member countries and the European Parliament struck the ambitious deal late Monday that Brussels said would help the bloc meet its commitments under the Paris climate accord.


The targets will require new cars sold in 2030 to emit 37.5 percent less carbon dioxide on average compared to 2021 levels. Emissions from new vans will have to be 31 percent lower.

Miguel Arias Canete, the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy tweeted that with these ambitious targets, Europe is once again showing how to turn the Paris agreement and COP24 into action.

The European Commission's vice president said in a statement that the ultimate goal of the deal is to promote the production of the "best, cleanest and most competitive cars" in Europe to help reduce air pollution.

The deal settles months of disputes over how much to actually cut vehicle carbon emissions.

The text of this agreement still has to be approved by the European Parliament and Council. From there, it'll be published in the Official Journal of the Union and go into effect immediately.

Ambassadors from EU countries are to expected to endorse the deal in Brussels tomorrow.