Heart-warming picture of India China soldiers affectionately feeding birthday cake to each other
Source :NewsBharati   Date :19-Dec-2018

Chengdu Dec 19:
India and China on Tuesday began the 7th round of their '#HandInHand2018 military drills in the Chinese city of #Chengdu as part of the focussed efforts by the two militaries to improve ties after last year's standoff at Doklam.

Seven Chinese and Indian soldiers have celebrated their birthdays together on Dec 16 during the 'Hand in Hand' 2018 China-India Counter Terrorism military exercise.

Heart-warming picture of India China soldiers affectionately feeding birthday cake to each other.

These happy moments between both military troops make a positive approach towards friendship of both nations.

This picture also shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to strengthen bilateral relations between neighbouring countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping have concurred that there had been a "perceptible improvement" in bilateral ties after their Wuhan summit and both sides are optimistic that 2019 would be an even better year for India-China relations.

During their fourth meeting this year, PM Modi and Chinese President Xi on 30th of November discussed joint efforts to further enhance mutual trust and friendship between the two giant neighbours during their meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in the capital of Argentina.

If we look at the history it shows us

The Border issue is rooted in the disputed status of the McMahon Line, which defines the border between India and Tibet. India recognizes this agreement as the basis for its territorial claim while China objected the validity of McMahon Line which was drawn in 1914 Simla convention because China believes that it was not a party to Simla Convention so it is not bound to accept the boundary demarcated by Simla convention2. India claims 43,180 squares Kilometers of Jammu and Kashmir occupied by China including 5180 square kilometres cede to China by Pakistan under a 1963 China-Pakistan boundary Agreement. On the other hand, China claims 90,000 square kilometres of territory held by India in Arunachal Pradesh3. There has not been remarkable progress in resolving the border dispute between the two sides due to the importance of Aksai Chin to China because it is the main link between Tibet and Xinjiang province of China and Arunachal Pradesh to India is crucial to stability in India’s north-eastern insurgent affected areas.

After the 1962 war, a relationship between China and India remained hostile for several decades. India’s grant of statehood to Arunachal Pradesh in the late eighties (February 1987) which China claims as a part of South Tibet caused the hostility on the bilateral relations to such an extent that another border war seemed about to happen. China claimed the major territorial concessions in populated areas of Arunachal Pradesh particularly Twang because Chinese claim it to be central to Tibetan Buddhism given that the sixth Dalai Lama was born there5 [4]. In the same way, as China seeks a return of Arunachal Pradesh on religious grounds, India demands the return of the sacred Mount Kailash Manasarovar in Tibet, since it is a sacred place associated with the Hindu religion6. However, ease on a border and overall border relations began to improve following the border agreements in 1993 and 1996 between the two states. Since then, both sides have agreed to keep working on the border issue and resolved that any disagreement on border issue should not be allowed to affect the overall bilateral relations.

On this background, these exercises create and strengthen bilateral relations in better ways.

Ex #HandInHand2018 has helped to strengthen the mutual confidence level. In a vibrant ceremony, troops of #IndianArmy and #PLA exchanged gifts and pleasantries.

Singing and dancing marked festivities during a China-India anti-terrorism military exercise in Chengdu, the first joint military event between the two countries since 2017 military standoff.

Exercise #HandinHand2018 commenced at #Chengdu #China. The exercise aims to practise #Counterinsurgency #Operations under #UnitedNations mandate.