Sketching smiles of content, Maharashtra announces compensation to fishermen saving rare marine species
Source :NewsBharati   Date :26-Dec-2018

Mumbai, December 26: A moment of contentment for the fishermen in Maharashtra, the state government has announced awarding those who save rare marine species. The decision was taken by the Maharashtra government giving benefit to both the fishermen and also the endangered marine life.


The state government has decided to honour the fishermen along with awarding the fishermen a compensation of Rs 25,000 every time a turtle, dolphin or a shark or any other endangered marine species has been trapped in the fishing net. It is a positive decision especially for the fishermen because they have to incur huge losses each time a rare species is caught in the net as they have to cut the entire net to set the species free.

The general resolution cited by the state government read, “When fishing, if any fishermen releases such a rare fish or animal which is caught in his or her net and the net is cut or is damaged in the process, the fishermen should file an application before the Chief Conservator of Forests, Mangrove Protection Cell. The state government will provide a compensation of Rs 25,000,”

To claim the award under the scheme, the fisherman will have to provide details of their boats, fishing licenses, boat licenses along with the exact location, details of the exotic fish or animal and photographs. Occurrence of the marine mammals like dolphins, turtles and even protected fishes like the sawfish and guitarfish are common and get trapped in huge nets. In such situation, the fisherman has to cut open the net in order to release the species which becomes economically infeasible because many of them are rented.

The scheme slated by the government is highly appreciable but lack of awareness about the scheme is a feared challenge for proper implementation.