Cutting ribbon of agro research centre in Ghaziabad, PM Modi cuts rope of Congress's misleading farm waiver promises
Source :NewsBharati   Date :29-Dec-2018
Unfolding bundle of gifts, PM Modi lays foundation transforming Purvanchal into a big medical hub and agro research centre

Ghaziabad, December 29: Laying foundation of a medical college and releasing a commemorative postal stamp on Maharaja Suheldev, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the public rally saying that the government is initiating several steps to transform Purvanchal into a big medical hub, an agro research centre and to strengthen the small industries of UP. Likewise PM Modi also took a jibe at the opposition for misleading the farmers in false promises on loan waiver schemes.

Laying foundation for the medical college, PM Modi said that Ghazipur will be endowed with modern medical facilities and meritorious doctors. At a cost of around Rs 250 crore, the district Hospital of Ghazipur will have 300 beds after the college is ready. Enabling top notch medical facilities to the people, the government is taking all the efforts for public benefit.

Talking about the efforts taken to benefit the farmers, PM Modi said that the availing the farmers their rights, the government in the past four years have taken many steps. Making the farmers stand up on their own terms, they were enabled bank facilities and the banks combined even the smallest of the farmer. New infrastructure facilities in mandis, new cold storage, mega food park chains are also getting ready now.


Slamming Congress for their loan waiver scheme, PM Modi asserted that Congress overturned the governments in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, but farmers are already facing the brunt of it as they have to stand in long queues to get Urea. Even in Karnataka, Congress made a backstage entry and established government there. They gave lollipops to people in terms of assurances, and promised loan waiver but only 800 people got their loan waived.


Calling himself a Chowkidar, PM Modi said that this chowkidar is taking efforts to uplift the people of the country by enabling them to be strong and keep them away from the chor (Congress).

Questioning the corrupt opposition, PM Modi said, how can you trust these lollipop companies? They could never waive off such huge debt amounts in 2009-10, how did they do it suddenly now? Because they have sent police after those farmers. In front of 6 lakh crore debt, they have waived off only 60 crore. When CAG report came, out of this amount, 35 lakh did not go to farmers or indebted people, then where has the money gone?

Releasing the postal stamp of Maharaja Suheldev, PM Modi asserted that these stamps are released so that they reach each and every household. To make everyone accustomed to the efforts of Maharaja Suheldev, his bravery, courage and unity, Prime Minister Modi said that the government wants the future generation to remember the brave warriors the previous government has forgotten. Honoring the efforts taken by all the warriors in building up a strong defence force in India, the government will not let their efforts go in vain.

Further in the day, PM Modi is scheduled to visit Varanasi where he will view a detailed presentation on the proposed 400 metre Kashi-Vishwanath Corridor project. Prime Minister will be viewing a 12-minute documentary on the ambitious multi-crore project which envisions a widened and beautified corridor to the fabled temple.