The Purity and Control over the Thoughts and Beliefs is the bridge to Success…
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Dec-2018

Mumbai, December 5: The Purity and Control over the Thoughts and Beliefs is the bridge to Success… says Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev when he inaugurated Patanjali's apparel store in Delhi. While Baba and his products are generally desi, the newly launched "affordable" Patanjali Paridhan is said to be an "exclusive one-stop solution showroom" of garments. Their brands Livefit, Aastha and Sanskar offer apparel for men, women and children including ripped jeans. Patanjali's fashion includes 3,000 products including denim, casual wear, ethnic and formals.


The company is planning to open around 200 stores across metros and smaller cities by 2020. Baba Ramdev announced the clothing line in 2016. Talking to the media, Baba Ramdev said, "Patanjali Paridhan with several products ranging from jeans, ethnic wear to accessories will be launched this Dhanteras to counter foreign companies."

The company said, "Like Khadi led to the freedom struggle of the country, the Patanjali Paridhan will be the carrier of a new revolution of economic independence in the country. Because clothing is not just a commodity, it's statement of our self-respect, pride personality and identity which can never be compromised in life."

Two years ago, Ramdev said, "Just because I am a baba does not mean we cannot marry modernity with spirituality, we can make, let's say desi jeans." He also said, "India and Indian values with the self-respect of home-production (swadeshi) – this is Patanjali’s identity. We recognize and respect our culture and traditions." Patanjali is also planning to enter markets of packaged drinking water, milk and milk products, and sanitary napkins.