VHP strikes on point; says, "Stop protecting cow killers and maligning Hindu organisations"
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Dec-2018

New Delhi, December 06: Vishwa Hindu Parishad has termed Monday’s incident of Bulandshahar, which resulted in the deaths of Inspector Subodh and Sumit, a youth from the village, as highly unfortunate. In his statement on Wednesday, Dr Surendra Jain, Jt General Secretary of VHP said, there can be no place for murder in any democracy but the way in which a section of the media has tried to blame a certain ideology for the unfortunate incident, without ascertaining the facts, is highly inappropriate. VHP strongly condemns this conspiracy which seems to be inspired by selfish motives.


Dr Jain said that youths from the village of Chingravati were left bewildered on the morning of December 03 when they saw remains of slaughtered cows and some people slaughtering cows. The villagers sat on a protest dharna and vowed not to get up till the perpetrators of cow slaughter were not arrested. The people sitting on the protest were local villagers and did not belong to any organisation. Whereas some of them belonged to Samajwadi Party and some to the Congress, some of them belonged to other parties as well.

This means that the sit-in dharna was not sponsored by any organisation but was a collective protest by the villagers against the unfortunate incidents of the past few days.

VHP said that the cows were slaughtered for beef which was to be partaken by the lakhs of Muslims who had gathered for Iztima. Cows were being slaughtered in illegal slaughterhouses there. Because of this, there was already a feeling of anger in the community. While the protest demonstration, Yogesh Raj, together with some of his friends, lands in the police station to file an FIR and leaves it around 1:15pm. At 1:35pm, Inspector Subodh Singh was killed under unfortunate circumstances, and a section of the media, blames a certain organisation for this, without any investigation. When the police was trying to control the situation, a police officer is hit by a stone on his head, The officer, on the mistaken assumption that Sumit, a youth standing nearby had hit him, takes out his revolver and fires a bullet on the youth's chest. This is confirmed by a video which went viral after this incident. This led the villagers to get agitated and resulted in the unfortunate incident.

Dr Jain added that it is not right to blame any person or organisation without conducting an investigation. Even before the SIT was formed, Hindu organisations were named, this can happen only if there is some agenda. Will these people seek forgiveness if the charges are proved to be false? Another interesting facet of the agenda is that a total of 87 people have been named in the case, but out of them, only 4 belong to the organisations. Does this not prove the mentality of the powers that be?

The way police has been going about creating a ruckus and circle of violence in Chingranvati village, it can be safely said that the police is trying to conceal its own wrong doings. The village which lost its young boy Sumit, is today, witness police attacks, abuses & misbehave with women, which is highly condemnable.

VHP alleges that the Bulandshahar police has failed to stop illegal cow slaughter and was unable to control a motley crowd of villagers. VHP also alleges that the police officer intentionally fired at the youth to put a blanket over its failures and is now concocting false stories to save its skin. We have complete faith in the SIT formed by the government and once its report is tabled, the truth will be out. VHP appeals to all sections of the media and responsible people of the society to wait for the SIT report, which should be tabled in a few hours, and do not blame any individual or organisation until then. VHP also makes appeals not indulge in any media trial.

On Tuesday, Tv debates on many news channels clearly pointed to the fact that a certain individual who was being portrayed as a VHP member, actually had no connections to VHP. A channel was interviewing the residents of the village, it turned out that all the residents belonged to a certain political party who were trying to malign and net the Hindu organisations in the incident.

VHP appeals to the police & administration that it seek forgiveness for its false accusations and take strong measures against the atrocities perpetrated in a colonial cruel British fashion. The VHP does not believe in any short of violence but keeping in mind, actions of the past, it will not allow such false propaganda against itself. VHP also appeals to these false propagandists that they do not put their credibility at stake for narrow selfish motives because this can be disastrous for them as well as for democracy.