Of the Autoimmune diseases and the priorities of the Supreme Court
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Dec-2018

The Immunity System is busy defending the body against pathogens at every moment. Most of the times, the Immunity System does a great job of recognizing pathogens, fighting them and keeping the body healthy. It has two main components - Lymphocytes & Phagocytes. Lymphocytes are the cells that recognize pathogens. Once Lymphocytes point out the enemy, the Phagocytes go destroy the invading pathogens.

The ability of Lymphocytes to recognize enemies of the body comes through its memories of earlier attacks. The memories of the parent Lymphocytes are passed on to the child Lymphocyte. Thus through out the life of the human body, generations of Lymphocytes continue to remember its enemies. When a new antibody attacks, the Lymphocytes create a new memory. This memory building capacity is used in immunization. Wherein minute quantity of antibodies are injected into the body, as a response the child’s body creates a memory. A memory that will recognize these antibodies in any future attack and ensure survival.

In rare cases, the Immune System itself falls prey to autoimmune diseases. In some cases, the system’s memory gets corrupted, then it mistakenly attacks healthy organs instead of the antibodies. In some cases, healthy cells transform into cancerous cells. Normally the Immune System detects such damaged cells and eats them. But, cancer cells secrete chemicals that inactivates immune cells in its proximity. Ultimately leading to growth of cancerous tumours.

A civilization adopts protection mechanism that is similar to the Immune System. It too employs two types of mechanisms to remain alive and healthy – memory and weapons. A civilization remembers its past. The attacks that it has faced in past. Its past enemies. The signs of an enemy attack and how to encounter it. The memory is saved in the form of in the form of phrases, folk songs, folklores and oral history that is transmitted from one generation to the next. In today’s world, the authentic source of a civilization’s memory is considered to be its written history. A civilization’s history is a memory of its victories and defeats, its strengths and weaknesses, its enemies and friends and the attacks carried out by its enemies. The history is a sacred document. It is not to be tampered with.

But that’s exactly what the leftist intellectuals did. They wrote a history that contradicted the memories of the civilization. The civilization remembered Sri Rama, Rama Setu and the Rama Mandir. The civilization remembered disappearance of Sarasvati and Dwaraka. The civilization recited stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas as our history. The civilization remembered king Vikramaditya, poet Bhasa, and scientist Kanada. Yet the Leftist History brushed aside each one of this memory as a mere figment of imagination. The civilization retained the memory of various philosophies word for word. But this was shunned by the Leftist history as unscientific stuff. The civilization retained the memories of the series of wars that we fought and eventually emerged victorious against Greeks, Scythians, Parthians, Huns, Turks, Arabs, Mongols, British, Portugese and the French. Yet, the Leftist history suppressed these victories. They painted a poor picture of defeat after defeat. They suppressed the pain inflicted upon us by invaders, instead transformed some of the painful times into glorious eras. They tried to convert the greatness of our civilization into an Aryan Invasion and a Moghul Invasion into a great civilization.

In recording post independance events, selective reporting by the Leftist Media ensured that the sufferings caused by Congress and UPA governments went undocumented. Had those been reported and recorded in the peoples’ memories, they would have taken a well informed decision during elections.

Leftist history has created generations of ‘ill informed’ citizens. Citizens with corrupted memories. Citizens who cannot recognize danger. Citizens who cannot transmit memories that are crucial for survial to its children. Citizens who cannot read warning signs of impending danger. It has created a nation with a compromised Immune System. First symptom of the nation’s compromised Immune System is its citizen saying “All religions are equal.” Let me tell you, he is infected. His memory of the pain inflicted upon his ancestors has been erased. The final stage of this disease is when the citizen converts into an antibody. How else does one explain – why a cultured Indian Hindu on conversion turns into a rapist priest or a polygamist? The inaction of the Judiciary system around conversions is like the Immune system becoming paralysed in the proximity of cancerous cells.

Autoimmune disease sometimes stops Phagocytes from destroying or punishing the enemy. The symptom of this disease in the Judiciary system is seen in the recent rulings of Supreme Court. Opening the courts at midnight for enemies of the state like Yakub Menon and Urban Naxals. Its denial to deport Rohingyas. Its failure to bring the perpetrators of 1984 Anti-Sikh riots to justice. It denying justice to the Hindus of Kashmir.

Yet another symptom of its autoimmune disease is its tendency to attack healthy organs. Seen in the rulings of the Supreme Court like – bringing ban on Jallikattu and Bullock Cart racing, opposing Diwali firecrackers, bringing a ban on ringing bells at the Amarnath Shrine, disrepecting the traditions at Sabarimala Temple, and its delay in the case of Rama Mandir.

My Lords! Your attacks on healthy organs are suicidal. Your act of shielding the enemies of the state is fatal. And your misplaced priorities are hurting the nation.

Deepali Patwadkar