UN launches a new framework to combat terrorism: India’s persistent efforts on anti-terrorism succeed
Source :NewsBharati   Date :07-Dec-2018

New York, DEC 7: UN Secretary- General Antonio Guterres has launched a new framework to combat the scourge of international terrorism and coordinate efforts across the peace, security and humanitarian, Human Rights and sustainable development sectors.

The new framework named as “UN Global Counter Terrorism Coordination Compact”, is agreement between the UN chief, 36 organizational entities, International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) and World Customs Organizations.

Speaking on occasion, Guterres highlighted the need to ensure full respect for international Human Rights standards and rule of law in countering terrorism. Guterres said, “despite recent successes against the ISIS and its affiliates, the threat posed by returning and relocating fighters, as well as from individuals inspired by them, remains high and has a global reach”.

This new framework is fruit of India’s continuous efforts toward limiting international terrorism. Indian MEA and PMO is most active on this issue in last few years.

Sushama Swaraj, Minister of external affairs said at Nelson Mandela Peace Summit on 24 September 2018, “Our world is still beset with conflicts, terror and hateful ideologies that are transcending borders and impacting our lives.”

On the same note, PM Narendra Modi expressed his view in G20 summit on 30 November 2018 that, Terrorism and radicalization was the biggest challenges the world was facing today and underlined the need for the BRICS and G20 countries to work together to strengthen the UN counter terrorism framework to stop terrorist networks, their financing and movement.

On this issue Modi said, “We all agree that terrorism and radicalization are biggest challenges, they are not only a threat to peace and security, but also a challenge for economic development”.

Due to introduction of UN new framework, India’s efforts flourished.

The UN Global Counter Terrorism Coordination Compact task force will replace the ‘Counter – Terrorism Implementation’ task force which was established in 2005 to strengthen UN system with wide coordination and coherence of counter-terrorist effort.