Health for all.. 'Together for triple billion' initiative by UN and WHO
Source :NewsBharati   Date :08-Dec-2018

Geneva, December 7: “We stand together with WHO and look forward to the next steps of implementing these recommendations over the coming year, ensuring that civil society and WHO are collectively accountable for their realization.”, said Kate Dodson, vice president, Global health of the UN Foundation yesterday at WHO headquarters, Geneva.
The conference led by Dodson and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on 7th of December was to enhance the collaboration between United Nations, civil societies and the large global institutions like WHO having created concrete steps to help make the engagement of ‘Together for Triple billion’ #health_for_all engagement achievable
Under the leadership of Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that health for all isn’t possible without inclusive partnership.

The recommendations explored during the conference constitute a detailed talk on Policy Dialogue, Health emergencies, Data and research and innovation, Gender Equality, Health Equity and also the Human rights aspect. The focus of the dialogue settled at establishing an independent “Inclusivity Advisory and Oversight Group” at World Health Organisation to develop and implement policies on gender, youth, equity, and rights.
Civil society organizations have a unique perspective of seeing where the rubber meets the road in global health and development. They represent, support, and organize communities at all levels and are often the most passionate advocates who can push decision makers to tackle new issues impacting people’s lives. Civil society organizations implement programs, deliver health services, and design and deploy new technologies. They research which programs are working, and more importantly, see which programs need to be changed to better meet people’s needs.
“This is a very good start and we have clarity of how to go ahead. We have the recommendations ready which are now to be implemented. We already have a good experience as the partnerships we formed were all productive. Through the aid of the civil society, the process went on to be more practical and smooth. There is a need to increase the partnership at the higher level and make it as comprehensive as possible.”, said Ghebreyesus, WHO Directorate General.

“In January, Dr. Tedros invited the UN Foundation and RESULTS to co-facilitate the formation of a task team to identify areas for enhanced collaboration between civil society organizations and WHO. It’s been an almost year-long process, but drawing on the insights of 21 civil society leaders we have engaged from 17 countries and after close consultations with constituencies around the world”, added Dodson in relation.
While a bold step in the right direction, these ambitious recommendations need to be more than just recommendations. To turn the task team’s work into actions that advance health for all, it will take cooperation, leadership, resources and accountability to fully implement.