Maharashtra announces Rs 25 Lakhs compensation to the families of martyrs
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 01-Feb-2018

Mumbai, February 1: To relieve and also on a gratitude note, Maharashtra proudly announces compensation of Rs.25 Lakhs to the families of martyred soldiers. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said "Sacrifice of soldiers cannot be measured in terms of money,” while addressing the event. 

The event which was organized to honour martyred soldiers and those who have received bravery awards, CM Fadnavis said that "Sacrifice of soldiers cannot be measured in terms of money. Families of martyred soldiers used to initially receive Rs 8.5 lakh as compensation which was later increased to Rs 20 lakh after our government came to power. However, the state government will now provide Rs 25 lakh as compensation."

CM Fadnavis said that the country never worshipped prestige or power but valour and sacrifice. "Soldiers have both these qualities in them," he said.

"Nationalism is not just shown on January 26 and August 15. Not everybody can go and fight a war at the border, but what we can do is take an inspiration from our martyred soldiers and fight the wrong in our lives, which will be the biggest tribute to martyrs who die for us," he said.

‘One for All-All for one’ event was organized by Atharva Foundation to pay tribute to Indian Army & Salute our soldiers in Mumbai. On a closing note, CM Fadnavis encouraged youth to fight against corruption and all the evils of society like a brave soldier.