North Korea’s Kim invites South Korean President for talks in Pyongyang
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 10-Feb-2018

Seoul, February 10: The Winter Olympics might really promote peace through unifying the Koreas. North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has invited South Korea's President Moon Jae-in to Pyongyang for taks. If it really takes place, it would be the first one in a decade.

Kim has delivered this invitation through his visiting sister Kim Yo Jong delivering the message that he wans to meet Moon as early as possible. Positively replying to that, Moon said the Koreas should "make it happen" and encouraged the north to return to negotiations with the US. Kim’s sister and moon held a meeting then.

"While delivering a letter from Kim Jong-un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission, which stated willingness to improve South-North Korea relations, special envoy Kim Yo-jong orally delivered Chairman Kim Jong-un's invitation (for Moon) to visit the North at a time convenient to him, saying he is willing to meet President Moon Jae-in at the earliest date possible," a Presidential house official said.

This decision might not be taken well by the US as it is constantly holding to the decision of putting more pressure and harsher sanction on North Korea. “I am very confident, as President Trump is, that President Moon will continue to stand strongly with us in our extreme-pressure campaign,” US Vice President pence even said on Friday.

But however, this is a major win for Moon who always supported the idea of more involvement with the North. Moreover, this might be seen as North’s attempt to come out of alienation as it is economically burdened with sanctions.