Tripura Elections: Lotus set to bloom the rights of farmers, common man and end up dark era of Manik Sarkar
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 11-Feb-2018

 Agartala, February 11: Tripura’s assembly elections are raising the temperatures levels up while Bhartiya Janata Party Chief Amit Shah campaigned in Tripura. Amit Shah was warmly welcomed by the people of Tripura hoping for change and development in Tripura’s governance. 

Amit Shah was accompanied by the head of Bhartiya Janata Party in Tripura Biplab Kumar Deb, Minister Himant Biswa Sarma. Also, roads were clogged due to massive counts of people who were gathered for Amit Shah’s roadshow.


Amit Shah held roadshow while travelling from Bamutia to Mohanpur and addressed a public meeting. He is scheduled to address election rallies in Mohanpur, Chawmanu and Teliamura.


Meanwhile, Amit Shah lambasted the Manik Sarkar government in Tripura of “misrule”, alleging that the situation in the state had gone from bad to worse. “The situation in Tripura has gone from bad to worse in the last 25 years of Communist misrule. The Communists have unleashed poverty and unemployment, whenever and wherever they are in power.

The people of the state are desperately looking for a change and want development, which can be delivered only by a BJP government,” Shah had said.


BJP’s Executive Committee Member Sunil Deodhar said that “Manik Sarkar's speech has not changed for 20 years. Despite having 20 years of CM, there is 68% BPL in Tripura. Since 1993 no one has fulfilled the promises that were made in the manifesto.”

Minister Biplab Kumar Deb said that this election is an election for the liberation of the leftist government for 37 lakh Tripura people.

Nearly two-thirds of Tripura population is bound to live below the poverty line, pure drinking water is not available to a quarter of the population, the same is the case of electricity and out of 37 lakh population, 8 lakh educated people are unemployed, said Amit Shah while addressing people of Tripura.

Tripura's share of central taxes in the 13th Finance Commission at the time of Congress was Rs 7,283 Crores; the same has increased almost three times in the Modi government today and in the 14th Finance Commission Rs 25396 Crores, said Amit Shah ahead.


Communism has ended from the world and the Congress from the country; I am fully confident that the people of Tripura will make the BJP government in the state while stepping in with the country and the world, Amit Shah expressed his confidence while addressing the rally.

Further Amit Shah said that “we want to change the politics of violence going on here in Tripura. State government employees in Tripura are getting 4th Pay Commission. I promise that we will get 7th Pay Commission after formation of a BJP government.”