BJP Govt is set to Transform Tripura says Amit Shah amidst cheers rallying against corrupt Manik Sarkar
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 12-Feb-2018

Agartala, February 12: Bhartiya Janata Party Chief Amit Shah’s rallies in Tripura are in full swing with massive crowd and cheers. Hitting Leftist’s government Amit Shah promised people of Tripura of providing smartphones, 7th Pay Commission to the employees etc. 

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Hema Malini also touched down in Tripura today morning to address rallies for BJP campaigning.

Addressing the audience, BJP Chief Amit Shah said that "the governments of ‘Lal bhai’ and its cadres have looted Tripura for 25 years in the name of development... A BJP government is bound to come. It won't be merely a change of MLAs or government but will usher in its transformation."

Addressing public rally in Chawmanu district, Amit Shah said that Communist government of Tripura has done nothing in last 25 years of its rule, we want to end the politics of violence from the state and bring in an environment of politics of development.”

Delighted with the response shown by the people, Amit Shah after performing roadshow said that “I am overwhelmed by the love and affection shown by people of Tripura. This support for BJP across Tripura is a clear sign of change.”


Today BJP President Amit Shah while addressing the Press Conference continued his outburst saying that “the next government in Tripura will be of the BJP. There is anger against the CPI(M) throughout the state. Because of their misrule, Tripura stands last when it comes to development.”

BJP Chief Amit Shah also recalled the death of a BJP worker saying that one of our booth workers was abducted, for two days he was untraceable, after our workers pressurized the DGP we got to know that he was killed and hanged from a tree, by CPIM cadre. Authorities in Tripura work under CPIM's pressure.

“Modi government has released a lot of funds under various schemes, but no development work has been undertaken by the CPI(M) government. Due to this, people of Tripura are deprived of welfare schemes of the Centre,” Shah informed.

Lashing out at Manik Sarkar government “Out of every Rs 100 spent in Tripura, the Centre is giving Rs 80. The Manik Sarkar government is unable to spend central money properly. Central funds should be spent on people’s welfare and not for raising the red flag,” the PM had said earlier during his Tripura rally.

Meanwhile, on Sunday BJP released “Vision Document” for Tripura which consists a pocket of promises like offering Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for sectors such as food processing, Bamboo and IT, employment to every household and free smartphones for youth.