The Koreas eye on further steps to make a rare inter-Korean summit possible
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 12-Feb-2018

Seoul, February 12: South Korea will take all possible steps to make the possibility of rare Inter-Korean summit true. From arranging more reunions for families divided by the Korean War and seeking lower military tensions with North Korea, Seoul will take all possible steps. North Korea has also termed the visit of high-delegation as meaningful.

The high-level North Korean delegation led by its ceremonial head of state Kim Yong-nam returned home late Sunday after a three-day visit to the South for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. North Korean leader Kim’s influential sister Kim Yo-jong who was part of the delegation delivered an invitation to South Korean President Moon for a summit in Pyongyang.

South Korean Unification Ministry said that the question at hand is whether or not we will be able to develop the avenues for dialogue and cooperation that were opened up through the Olympics to transition into a phase of better inter-Korean relations and peace establishment.

“In order to make this possible, both the South and North should understand each other’s position and cooperate so that additional measures can follow to expand the windows of opportunities,” it added. The South will promote separated family reunion and reduction of inter-Korean military tension.

Seoul wants to emphasize on continued high-level inter-Korean dialogues, and to maintain the channels to discuss inter-Korean issues. It will pursue a flexible and mutual approach in accordance with the situation by, for instance, promoting dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang through progress in inter-Korean relations.

Meanwhile, North Korea also promoted the visit as meaningful and a step towards in Korean Peninsula. "The latest trip by the high-level delegation served as an important occasion in improving relations between North and South Korea, and setting up an environment for peace on the Korean Peninsula," an official statement of North Korea said.