Keeping an ‘eye-watch’ on toll plaza, NHAI to launch a ranking system website
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 13-Feb-2018

New Delhi, February 13: In an effort to address the difficulties and issues at the toll plazas, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to bring in a system of ranking the toll plazas on the basis of cleanliness, staff behavior, availability of ambulance and cranes in case of any emergency on highways.


Chairman of National Highway Authority of India, Deepak Kumar informed that NHAI is going to launch a ranking system website for all the toll plazas. It will work in the format as in every quarter, the three best toll plazas will be identified and their names will be published on the NHAI website. The competitive atmosphere created by the ranking of toll plazas will improve the amenities and overall convenience for highway users.

NHAI has launched a countrywide drive to address issues that affect highway users, such as ease of tolling, electronic tolling, cleanliness at toll plazas, deployment of marshals, cleanliness of toilets, functioning of Highway Nest (Mini), wayside amenities and availability of ambulance and cranes in case of any emergency on the highway.

The Chairman, Deepak Kumar, has however directed all field Highway Operation Unit officers to visit at least two toll plazas each across the country and check the above facilities personally to improve the users convenience, and also take user’s feedback on the issues and possible changes they can make to create change in the system.

This will therefore enable the working system of highways to work smoothly. The advent of electronic tolling system has only given this a boost and the further enhancements will eventually lead to paving a successful path.