Raise a toast as we celebrate #WorldRadioDay embracing sports to connect to our grassroots
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 13-Feb-2018

New Delhi, February 13: Raise a toast as we come together to celebrate one of man’s greatest gift to man “RADIO”. Celebrating ‘World Radio Day’ a day to recreate old memories of arranging the antennas of the radio set, why we love it and why we need it now, more than ever. A day set aside to remember the unique power of radio to touch lives and bring people together across every corner of the globe.


It was at its 36th session, UNESCO’s General Conference, which proclaimed World Radio Day on 13 February. Radio is specifically suited to reach remote communities and vulnerable people: the illiterate, the disabled, women, youth and the poor while offering a platform to intervene in the public debate, irrespective of people’s educational level.

As the day is gearing up to celebrate this day, this year’s theme is “Radio and Sports”. As we look forward to a year of momentous sporting events that have the ability to unite the hearts and minds of people everywhere, World Radio Day 2018 will celebrate the traditional sports that connect us to our cultural heritage, the grassroots sports that anchor us within our communities and the inspiring stories that challenge gender stereotypes and provide positive role models for young people around the world.

In order to cover these aspects and there is a need to spur the nation to invest in sports and the youth, in order to create more role models for young people, invest in the enhancement of talent, harness sports as a unifying factor and, ultimately, keep young people off the streets and crime.

Social Media has been springing up as Twitter is loading up with tweets celebrating the age-old medium of communication.

Congratulating the world on this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his gratitude on Twitter.


Adding to the information on radio and enabling the masses to hear his speeches of Mann ki Baat, Modi further shared details to have a glance through radio.


Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik creates SandArt for UNESCO #WorldRadioDay at the radio fair, Bhubaneswar with theme radio and sport.


Enhancing the beauty of radio in the good olden days the All India Radio has committed to providing each and every glance of the mass medium.


The Sports department initiating with All India Radio tweeted on congratulating the Radio station and celebrating it with the theme of sports.


We may not quite willingly admit it, but the radio has been a huge part of man’s life and, for over 100 years, it has been a vehicle for development in communications and communal education.