Promising ‘New Tripura’, PM Modi hints people to walk on the path of progress by kicking out Left’s rule
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 15-Feb-2018

Agartala, February 15: After appealing people to join in making “New Tripura” in Shantir Bazar in Tripura, Prime Minister addressed another rally in Asthabal Maidan ion Agartala. PM Modi appealed people to trust in Bhartiya Janata Party's efforts and kick out Left's rule.


Thanking the people of Tripura, PM Modi said that “I thank people of Agartala for the overwhelming support they have shown today.”

Further PM Modi questioned people "For over two decades, the Left ruled the state of Tripura but nowhere we can see development. Can any resident of Tripura say that development has been prioritized in the state? I was just told that traffic signals were installed here and they (state government) consider it a big task."

Teasing Left government, PM Modi said that “We have to stop in traffic when there is 'Red light'. In the same manner, Tripura will move on the path of progress when the 'Reds' (Left government) are removed from power.” “Congress party and Communists have joined hand and they are two sides of the same coin. Congress is expert in corruption and CPM in violence," he added.


Even after 2 years of providing around Rs 1,000 Crores for Gram Sadak Yojana, around Rs 150 Crores have not been spent for rural roads, PM Modi said.


"We believe in 'Ganatantra'. But the Left government has ruined Tripura by turning it into a 'Gun Tantra’,” PM Modi said hitting at Left government.

Recalling the brutal killings of BJP activists PM Modi stressed saying that “Left parties do not believe in democracy. They murdered our 10 karyakartas. It's time to pay homage to brave journalists and karyakartas who have been murdered for political reasons in Tripura.”


"Once we form the government here, we will conduct a high-level probe into all the political killings and killings of journalists," he adds.

Further he questioned the people “Who ruined the life of 10323 teachers? Who wasted education? The greater the number of days the government will remain, the more red! Tripura is a small state and the state of education here is abysmal. The dropout rate of Tripura is more than the average dropout of India. The lives of around 11,000 teachers' have been destroyed. It's a crime committed against education by the Manik government, PM Modi pointed.
Also pointing out towards the scams, PM Modi said that ministers of the current government are involved in the Rose valley chit funds and therefore, investigation has not made any headway.”
Stressing on health, PM Modi said that we will provide Rs 5 lakh medical coverage to every poor family for medical treatment.
Highlighting the significance of voting for right party, PM Modi said that “First polling, then refreshments. A large number of voters will vote early on March 18. We will not give them a chance to spread violence.”
Further he encouraged youths saying that new BJP government in Tripura will be the youngest in the country. Almost all BJP candidates are young. The state will benefit from exuberance and energy of the youth.
Even after two years of providing around Rs 1,000 Crores for Gram Sadak Yojana, around Rs 150 Crores have not been spent for rural roads, PM Modi informed. Out of every Rs 100 spent in Tripura, the Centre is giving Rs 80. Still, there is no development in Tripura, he added. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled Dorjee Khandu State Convention Centre in morning in Arunachal Pradesh. Elections in Northeast have risen up the temperatures as Bhartiya Janata Party aims to take over the ruling parties to wipe out left governments. Polling for assembly elections in Tripura will be held on 18 February, the states of Nagaland and Meghalaya will go to polls on 27 February. Counting for all three states will be held on 3 March.