Leaving no stone unturned BJP heads to Meghalaya promising ‘development’ by ending ‘corruption’
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 16-Feb-2018

Shillong, February 16: While campaigning in Tripura concluded, Bhartiya Janata Party Chief Amit Shah touched down in Meghalaya to carry forward the public meetings ahead of Assembly Elections. Leaving no stone unturned, BJP aims to cover North East with the colour of development. 

Addressing the rally in Jowai, BJP ace leader Amit Shah said that when on 27th you decide what kind of government will be in Meghalaya for the next 5 years. Will you choose the most corrupt Congress government or the government that will take you on a path of development under the leadership of Narendra Modi?

For 10 years Mukul Sangma has been the CM of Meghalaya. Public Distribution System sugar has been sold outside the state due to corruption. 70% of the 900 Crores education budget hasn't been spent. There have been scams after scams after scam in Meghalaya, Amit Shah lambasted at the current ruling government of Meghalaya.

Further, he said that PM Modi’s government from the beginning has made comprehensive efforts to ensure the development of NE. Because of this, the acceptance of the BJP is increasing day by day. We gave 19000 Crores an additional 900Cr. I want to ask, can you see any difference in Meghalaya??

Do you know where has the money sent from the Center for Meghalaya gone? I will tell you. If you saw a Congressman’s house 5 years ago, you would have seen a small tin house. Today you will see a big building with a long car. That is where all the money has gone! Amit Shah questioned.

Meanwhile on Thursday Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveiled BJP Manifesto for Meghalaya promising development for overall North East. Elections in Northeast have risen up the temperatures as Bhartiya Janata Party aims to take over the ruling parties to wipe out left governments. Polling for assembly elections in Tripura will be held on 18 February, the states of Nagaland and Meghalaya will go to polls on 27 February. Counting for all three states will be held on 3 March.