Kolkata police takes new initiative to stop phone usage while driving
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 02-Feb-2018

Kolkata, February 2: Driving with phone in ear or crossing road while having a call can lead to grave accident, we all know. But unfortunately very often a single phone call brings a dangerous accident taking fresh lives. In regard of that, Kolkata Traffic Police has started a new intiative through social media asking for photos or information of diver taking phone call during a drive.

Everyone knows using mobile phone while driving is illegal but many of them don’t obey to it. This ignorance has attracted many fatal accidents. Kolkata police earlier took various steps to curb accidents and launched “Safe Drive Safe Life” campaign. But somehow, till when common people is not aware it is not easy to curb a problem.

“Whenever you come across any such incident please inform Kolkata Traffic Police on the WhatsApp number 9903588888 or Bondhu App with image of the incident, & vehicle no, with place, date & time.Violators will be strictly dealt with by Kolkata Traffic Police,” Kolkata Traffic said on a Facebook statement.