At least 90 migrants feared dead after boat capsizes off Libyan coast
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 02-Feb-2018

Tripoli, February 2: Again a migrant boat got drowned off Libyan coast highlighting the ongoing migration problem. The smugglers boat were carrying 90 migrants among whom mostly are Pakistani nationals.

As per International Organization for Migration (IOM) statement, 10 bodies are reported to have washed up on Libyan shores. Eight were believed to be Pakistani, and two Libyans. Three people survived among whom two are Libyans and one is Pakistani.

"We are told that two survivors swam to shore, and one person was rescued by a fishing boat," International Organization for Migration spokeswoman Olivia Headon said. "They have given an estimate of 90 who drowned during the capsize, but we still have to verify the exact number of people who lost their lives during the tragedy," she said.

Though he numbers of people trying to reach Europe from Libya has dropped sharply since July due to pressure from International Committees and European Union, Pakistani nationals had been taking an increasingly large share of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean via Libya to Europe.