Confident about deserving win in Karnataka, Amit Shah says people want to move away from Goonda Governance to Good Governance
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 21-Feb-2018

Bengaluru, February 21: Karnataka being the battleground for Bhartiya Janata Party, ace leader Amit Shah is rigorously carrying out public rallies. After worshipping Kukke Subrahmanya Temple on Tuesday, he set himself to pump Karnataka with the political agendas of development. Amit Shah addressed the public meeting with enthusiastic social media activists in Udupi.


Addressing the Social Media Conclave in Udupi, Amit Shah said that like Congress, we don't take short cuts to win Elections. We have worked hard. We have brought people together and fostered the spirit of unity. We have delivered on our promises. That is how we have emerged victorious election after election.


Hitting out against Siddaramaiah’s government, he said people of Karnataka are frustrated with Siddaramaiah’s misgovernance. This is an opportunity to channelize their anger & vote out Siddaramaiah government and bring back BJP government in the state.

Recalling the recurring incidences of political killings, Amit Shah said that first, savage assault on innocent citizens of Bengaluru, and now brutal violence unleashed on BJP activists returning from rally near Mangaluru! Nothing but 'Tughlaq Darbar' in Siddaramaiah ruled Karnataka. Congress is resorting to muscle power to suppress voices.


Addressing the rally in Sullia on Tuesday, Amit Shah said that BJP is a party with different work culture. Other parties go for elections based on various ministers & their work. We, on the other hand not only have the world's most popular leaders but also 11 Crores members from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Attacking Siddaramaiah’s governance, Amit Shah said Karnataka is suffering from 3 M's - Murder, Mafia & Ministerial corruption. People of the state want to move away from Goonda Governance to Good Governance. It is only a matter of days that Congress government will be out and BJP will be voted in.

"This is an election not only related to the state but the interests of the entire nation. In this election a government will come in Karnataka which will open doors to the South for us," Shah added further.

Hitting out at Siddaramaiah’s government, Amit Shah said that if Siddaramaiah thinks politics of appeasement will be successful, he's wrong. Further he questioned: Appeasement & polarization here reflects an example where son of MLA Haris thrashed a man but there was no FIR. Why? Not only because he's Haris's son but because it involves appeasement of groups. CM Siddaramaiah must also answer where money meant for development of people of Karnataka has gone!

Meanwhile, Union Minister for Transport Nitin Gadkari inaugurated two important NH projects, 4-laning of 145km of MH-KNT border to Sangareddy section of NH-65 and Yamanur Bridge on NH-218 at Bidar & Hubballi, Karnataka.