Two Chief Ministers: One has iconic Fame, another is national Shame
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 22-Feb-2018

Indian Political arena is an exhibit of various personalities. Not now, from the modern political scenario, we find different kinds of identities as our political leaders. What provoked us to jump on the personalities and characters behind political leaders are the most recent happened trails of incidents which caught the eye of the entire nation regarding two Chief Ministers. In fact, every Chief Minister is nowadays busy with the state budgets and in the continuous activities to attract more investment for the development of his/her state. The two personalities who are the focal point of this piece.

One is Goa CM Manohar Parrikar, the epitome of vision, performance, and development. Parrikar is the synonym of the word "Good Governance". Manohar Parrikar was termed as 'Manohar- The Man of Hour" by a local Goan newspaper many years before. Parrikar who is famous within the Goa BJP and like-minded organisations as 'Bhai" (Elder Brother) had a mantra- "Haun Karta (I will do it, Don't worry") and that is his commitment too. That's why when the news of severity Parrikar's was out, everyone was deeply concerned and wished for his good health. Even the Archbishop of Goa who campaigned against Parrikar in Goa polls appealed Catholics to Pray for his betterment. Parrikar is the person who has won the hearts of even his political and ideological opponents too. In Marathi such person is called "AjaatShatru.

On one hand, we have "AjaatShatru" Parrikar and on another hand, we also have Kejriwal, for whom everyone is an enemy. The difference of ideologies is clearly visible here. Manohar Parrikar who was a SanghChalak of RSS Mhapusa region still acts like a true social reformist for whom cast creed and religion doesn't matter when it comes to the make development of all. Kejriwal is the product of Maoism which largely trusts into creating hatred and victimising everyone who comes before his political ambition. Anna Hazare, neo Gandhi, the so-called Guru of Kejriwal has got a taste of ungratefulness of 'anarchist' Kejriwal.

The imagery of Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar entering into Goa Assembly directly and presenting the budget of Goa. Parrikar landed at Dabolim airport from Lilawati hospital in Mumbai where he was getting the third dose of Chemotherapy and directly went to Assembly to perform his duties as the Chief Minister of a state.

Parrikar was welcomed by each one present in the assembly with enthusiasm and love and affection towards their beloved Manohar ‘Bhai’. The images and visuals are so ensuring about our political system and a true democracy which many times acknowledge the genuine efforts of a person surpassing the political differences. A proud picture of the democracy!

And the same Indian political world witnesses a shameful picture of a shameful act by a shameless person called Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi who plans and provokes an attack on a senior bureaucrat calling him at the midnight to his official residence and allow his goons to attack and assault physically for a non-issue. The criminal intent shows the criminal mindset of Kejriwal who leaves Delhi for his political opportunism without showing any remorse or concern about the ghastly act, or about the person whom his colleagues attacked in front of him. A disgraceful picture of the democracy!


The Kejriwal sect of politics is negative, fake and fishy which plays with the emotions of the common man, the Aam Adami. The ultimate goal of such Maoist style of (Non) governance is to create distrust about democracy in the mind of common man. Here, the solution is not the aim, but the objective is to keep the issues lingering waiting for the tolerance of the common man. And gain on this intolerance against the nation using the crutches of all anti-India elements.

Indians are changing, the perspective is changing with the new developmental model of pro-people governance of development of all and relentless efforts without the avarice of fame and publicity. Tha why Parrikar was overwhelmingly greeted with love, affection and honour. Kejriwal, who only depicted the outfits of Parrikar to establish his professed ‘Simplicity’, should try to follow the ideology of working for India and sincerely do something for the common Indian, once.

Once before the same Indian would throw them, the anti-society, anti-India elements to their deserved place.

Till then, Get well soon Mr Parrikar, India waiting for you!