Oral-Cancer detection programme gains impetus preventing many from the slaying disease
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 25-Feb-2018

Mumbai, February 25: Speedily moving ahead holding success over the initiatives made for the masses, the initiatives especially pertaining to health is gaining momentum. The ambitious oral cancer detection programme in Maharashtra has gained momentum and many people have come forward to screen themselves over cancer. Of the total people, 3 lakh people were detected with pre-malignant conditions and were referred to district hospitals for further medication to rule out oral cancer.


The campaign started with the objective to detect oral cancer was undertaken in December and was among the largest ones for screening of a disease in the state. The entire machinery was geared to undertake this exercise across 36 districts. People were examined for symptoms like red and white patches in the mouth, ulcers and those who were unable to open their mouth fully.


Specialists will be sent to district hospitals and patients will be referred in those hospitals for further examination but this process is ought to be a tedious procedure and will take some time. It is estimated by the experts at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, that there are several factors like increase in population, stability, lack of physical activity and urbanization of rural areas are likely to double the number of cancer cases by 2030.


The initiative was started collaborating with the Tata Memorial Center in order to reduce the increasing rate of cancer and mentioning measures for prevention of oral cancer in the state. The ambitious month long oral cancer detection programme has however gained its required attention and people are coming forward for having check-ups because of the awareness created by the government.