Hardik Patel questions Gujarat Congress leaders on Patidar row
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 28-Feb-2018


Ahmadabad, February 28: Patidar Leader Hardik Patel on Tuesday slammed Gujarat Congress leader for keeping mum on the issue of Patidar reservation. Speaking to the media, Hardik questioned the silence of Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani on the floor of the Gujarat assembly. He dared state Congress leader to question Rupani government on atrocities faced by PAAS leaders.

The Patidar leader, who backed Congress on the promise of reservation has asked state Congress leaders to raise the matter of alleged death of 14 Patidar Youths and sedition cases against the protestors. Commenting on the recent accident of Dalit activist, Hardik said that Congress lawmakers were upbeat in raising Patan mishap but suspiciously did not touch the issues of Patidar.