Jharkhand Police to keep eyes on Social Media ensuring peaceful Holi in the state
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 28-Feb-2018

Ranchi, February 28: Jharkhand Police has turned its eyes on the social media in order to maintain peace during the festival of Holi. Several warnings have been issued by the state police on its Twitter account.

The Jharkhand police will monitor Facebook and WhatsApp accounts so the festival can be celebrated peacefully and even it will be helpful for the police to monitor any kind of activities going on the social media and also sometimes it happens that some posts are posted by some elements which may harm the rest society so this can be traced by the Jharkhand Police.

In an official tweet, Jharkhand Police has posted “Jharkhand Police will keep an eye on Social Media. If you are in any WhatsApp group then be aware that you will be under Police’s surveillance. If anyone posts any objectionable posts on WhatsApp or Facebook which can damage the peaceful environment of the city then he can be sent to jail.” This ensures the security and safety of the city dwellers a safe and secure Holi.


Nowadays we see social media has become a medium for many crimes activities. People plot and plan on social media to carry out such activities.