Amit Shah lashed out at Congress-led UPA govt in his Rajya Sabha debut speech
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 05-Feb-2018

New Delhi, February 5: BJP President and Rajya Sabha MP Amit Shah on Monday lashed out at the previous Congress-led UPA government in the Upper House of Parliament. Opening the debate for the government, he criticised the previous government while counting the achievements of BJP-led government thus far.

Amit Shah emphasised on the government policy of Jan Dhan, which has enabled the poor of the country to have bank accounts. “When shri Modi made the announcement of opening bank account for every poor in his first Independence Day address, I was thinking how will it happen?,” he said.

“Today more than 30 crore poor in the country have bank accounts,” Amit Shah said.

Talking further on the decision of the government, he said more than crore people have given up LPG subsidy, which has directly helped the poor.

“More than 5 crore toilets have been built under the Swachh Bharat Scheme,” Amit Shah said lauding one of the most prominent initiative of the Modi government.

On the issue of unemployement, he said “We have seen and heard lot of speeches and eminent economists talking of unemployement but no one had come up with the solution.”

We have come up with the solution. Initiatives like Skill India, Stand-Up India, Start-Up India and MUDRA banks are steps in this direction, Shah said, adding, “MUDRA banks have provided loans to more than 10.5 crore people have got loans from Rs 5000 to Rs 10 lakhs”.

Shah also took a swipe at Congress saying, those who have ruled the country for more than 55 years are today talking of unemployement. “Is it not there failure?,” he said.

Lot of people came to power saying ‘garibi hatao’ but it is only this government which is helping the poor in the most effective way, he said talking of Modi government’s aggressive push in the rural sector development.

Strongly backing the GST, the BJP president said lot of disinformation is being spread that small and micro industry will be hit hard and lot of business will be shut. I want to assure that nothing will happen, he said.

“I have studied it in detail, the business will only grow with the GST… There are some initial hiccups but we are a sensitive government. After the implementation of the GST, we heard the grievances over the issues and took decision to resolve it in 23 meetings of the GST council,” he said.

Shah initiated the motion of thanks to the President’s address in Rajya Sabha today. It is also his maiden speech in the Upper House after becoming its member last year August. Though, Shah was to make his debut in Winter Session but that cud not happen due to disruptions in the house.