Maldives faces knots of trouble; Govt denies to abide SC orders
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 05-Feb-2018

Male, February 5: Chaos in the Maldives is increasing day by day. Recently Supreme Court of Maldives released former president Mohamed Nasheed and eight other opposition leaders which were jailed on corruption grounds.


Tensions continue in the Maldives as the government has denied to comply with the Supreme Court ruling ordering for the release of opposition leaders and begin retrial.

President Abdullah Yameen has refused to obey the order of releasing political prisoners of the Supreme Court. After which the army was placed on high alert.

In his message on National Television on Sunday, Attorney General Mohammad Anil said that the government refuses to accept this order. Anil said, "Any decision of the Supreme Court to arrest the President is unconstitutional and illegal. That's why I have asked the police and the army not to comply with any unconstitutional order. "

The attorney general, Mohamed Anil, said at a news conference that he had heard “rumors that the Supreme Court is going to order the impeachment” of President Yameen Abdul Gayoom. He said that the president can be ousted only through a vote in parliament, and that police and security forces would not obey an impeachment order from an “illegitimate set of people”.


As of Sunday, no prisoners had been released. The government said it had been advised by the chief justice to follow due process in releasing the prisoners.

A government statement on Sunday said the prosecutor general had appraised the Supreme Court on the “numerous legal challenges” in the implementation of the ruling.