Jharkhand on Succeed to ‘Sucseed’ mode: Aims to evolve state’s agro sector
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 05-Feb-2018

Ranchi, February 5: CM Raghubar Das is on the mission to transform the agro sector of the state. Speaking as a backbone for the farmers, he said that we have the aim to make the farmers’ income double. Also to develop the produce we are giving the farmers loans at the interest of 1%.

Speaking on the occasion of Agrotech fair held at Birsa Agricultural University, CM Das said that every farmer should have more work on farming, animal husbandry, and horticulture. The budget is paying 90 crores to Birsa University. Birsa University is our state’s pride and maintaining its honor is our responsibility as well as duty.


“I wish that each and every farmer should cultivate 4 – 5 crops a year rather than only once or twice a year, for this scientists, shall work on the matter,” Das said. And also our Indian cows should be healthy enough to produce more milk as the foreign cows give, he added.

He also insisted the parents of the state to take their children to the fields during their holidays which will give them practical knowledge rather than bookish or theoretical knowledge.


Jharkhand is perfect for the sweet revolution said CM Das and he also said that For the beekeeping revolution, the Government of India will give us 2.5 lakh boxes. We will give beekeeping farmers 20 boxes. In 9 districts, 10-12 thousand farmers have been drawn, boxes will be given to all.