Moscow slowly recovering from “the snowfall of the century”
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 06-Feb-2018

Moscow, February 6: Russia and snowfall are not unknown to each other at all. But, this weekend has watched a Moscow covered with heavy snow blanket. More than a month’s worth of snow fell on Moscow within just 36 hours at the weekend, touted as Century’s heaviest snowfall to hit the city.

The snowfall delayed flights, felled hundreds of trees, and turned many roads and pavements into a blockage on the way. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, has called the event “the snowfall of the century”. Over 2000 trees toppled under the steep snow have caused accidents. When one of the trees brought down electricity line one man died.

However, the city is coping up with the disaster fast. Now, most of the roads are open and huge amounts of hardware are out. More than 800,000 cubic meters snow has been removed on Monday.

"As of 18:00 Moscow time, about 750 units of hardware were mobilized, and about 3,000 people are working now. Manpower and hardware are concentrated practically on all streets. The task is to clear the city center of snow. The city has coped with the task," one top official from Moscow Authority said.Russian soldiers have been deployed to help clear the streets of Moscow and the surrounding region.