Congress hungry of taking credits but Govt is an aim chaser, says PM Modi in Rajya Sabha
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 07-Feb-2018

New Delhi, February 7: After lambasting Congress for dragging down the growth of the country in his motion of thanks to the President's address in Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a fierce attack on the opposition for opposing the schemes which are being successfully implemented in the country and providing benefits to the people. PM Modi said that though Congress calls us name changers but we are aim chasers. 

Taking a jibe at opposition, PM Modi said since no one listens to the Congress party outside parliament, most of its leaders were involved in highlighting their previous achievements. PM Modi said, “I fail to understand why some people feel bad when India improves its ease of business rankings.” “The Congress wants the India of the Emergency, Bofors, chopper scams,” he added.

Taking a dig at Congress, the Prime Minister said that he too wanted “Mahatma Gandhi’s India”, one without the Congress. “I also want Mahatma Gandhi’s India, because when the country got freedom, Gandhi had said ‘now we don’t need the Congress’. Congress-free India is not Modi’s idea, it is Gandhi’s idea. That’s what we want too. When you say you don’t want New India, what you are saying is you need India of the Emergency. The India where newspapers were censored. Is that the India you want?” pm Modi added.

PM Modi also targeted opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad who mentioned Ayushman Bharat in his speech and compared it to the models tried in Britain and the United States. PM Modi answered to his comparison and said that he is wrong. PM Modi said, "You were speaking about Ayushman Bharat and gave the example of US and Britain, there is a vast difference between them and our society but of course being in power for more than 50 years you get cut off from the ground."

He said, “It is possible that ideas that failed in other countries can work in our nation and vice-versa.” However, the Prime Minister urged all opposition parties to give suggestions to improve the healthcare scheme, which the government had announced in the new Budget.

PM Modi also said that the central government was not a name-changer but it was an “aim changer”. “We work hard and have ushered in a paradigm shift in the working of the government. Innovative projects are being thought about and completed in a time-bound manner,” PM Modi noted.

On taking credits, Prime Minister Modi said that it was a culture of Congress of taking credit for various schemes in the country. He said, "You complain that I don’t give enough credit to your party and its legacy. Well, putting various projects on the backburner is your legacy and I give you credit for that.” However, PM Modi also gave credits to Congress for making corruption rise in the country.

PM Modi cited Aadhaar as an example of schemes the Congress tries to take credit for. “Let me remind them about a debate in the Rajya Sabha in 1998 and what Lal Krishna Advani said. It is in his speech that you will find the genesis of Aadhaar,” PM Modi added.

PM Modi said the opposition is free to mock the Centre’s work, including Swachh Bharat, Make In India, the surgical strikes by the Army and International Yoga Day. He said, “You are free to mock as you please, but why are you blocking the bill for the Other Backward Classes Commission? Why are you blocking Triple Talaq Bill? Are you not sensitive to the aspirations of the OBCs?”

PM Modi further claimed the Opposition had “sent Hindu men to jail for marrying twice” but that they had a “problem sending a Muslim man to jail”. He further asked the Congress why it did not introduce a law against triple talaq during its rule.

Besides this, PM Modi also pitched for simultaneous elections again. He said that Assembly elections in four states were scheduled for 2019. Notably, in the Lok Sabha elections in 2009, more than Rs 1,000 crore was spent, while in general elections in 2014, over Rs 4,000 crore was spent on poll expenses. “The Assembly elections that followed the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, at least Rs 3,000 crore was spent in poll expenses,” PM Modi said adding, “Let us have a constructive discussion on holding simultaneous Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections in the various states.”

While addressing Rajya Sabha, PM Modi said that if Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had been made the first prime minister of the country instead of Jawaharlal Nehru, the whole of Kashmir would have been part of India. PM Modi said that the Congress used Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s name and pictures while campaigning for the Assembly elections in Gujarat. “Sadly, one week after the results Sardar Patel was missing in Congress posters,” he concluded.