Maldives sends envoys to some nations to provide updates on the situation
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 08-Feb-2018

Male, February 8: President of Maldives Abdullah Yameen who is in limelight for declaring the emergency in the country, not abiding the orders of Supreme Court.

To handle the situations and also to get updates President Yameen has sent special envoys to some nations. The Maldives has sent Minister of Economic Development Hon. Mohamed Saeed to China, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Mohamed Asim to Pakistan and Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Dr. Mohamed Shainee to Saudi Arabia to provide updates on the current situation of the country.

Recently former President Mohamed Nasheed asked India to help in the emergency situation. And also he has asked the USA to stop all financial transactions of Maldives regime leaders going through US banks.

Supreme Court of Maldives ordered the release of Former President Mohamed Nasheed and eight others who were arrested on the terrorism grounds. This decision was opposed by President Yameen and he denied to abide the orders and declared the emergency in the country.

The unrest began in 2015 when Nasheed, the country's first democratically elected leader, was jailed on "terrorism" charges relating to the arrest of a judge during his tenure. The trial declared unfair by the UN, prompted widespread protests and resulted in the arrest of hundreds of dissidents.