Safety at Peak! Train accidents ratio dropped to half in past 3 years
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 10-Mar-2018

New Delhi, March 10: For the lakhs of commuters who travel from the train, here is some good news for you. With the advancement in technology and upgradation systems lined up by the Railways, the accidents ratio has come down to half from 135 to 70. In a major achievement for the railways, this news highlights the deeds of the promises the officials have made so far for safety.

Mostly train accidents include mishaps with a serious accident in terms of loss of human life or injury, damage to railway property or interruption to rail traffic.In this regard, the Railway officials work mostly on maintenance of track, signaling and interlocking systems, to educate staff for the observance of safe practices,  protection of train and also warning system included.
The Minister of state for the railway, Rajen Gohain said, “During last three years, the number of significantly train accidents has decreased from 135 in 2014-15 to 107 in 2015-16 and further to 104 in 2016-17.In the current year (April 1, 2017-Feb 28, 2018) the number of consequential train accidents has further reduced to 70, as compared to 99 in the corresponding period of the previous year”.

Meanwhile, Indian Railways are regularly conducting the monitor to improve safety aspects, by taking patrolling of tracks, footplate inspections and take safety reviews at various levels.