Small Village of Jharkhand sets an example for all; says goodbye to all kinds of addictions
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 12-Mar-2018

Ranchi, March 12: A small village of Jharkhand has set an example for the whole nation by saying goodbye to all kinds of addictions. Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that there can be no change or development without public co-operation. This is an example of Vanlotva village. People have decided to free the village from their inevitability with their will. The government is also working with this concept.

Increasing public participation in more and more work is being done. Development committees are being formed for the development of the village. Village development committee is being formed in Adivasi Development Committee and Mixed Population Villages in tribal-dominated villages.

On the release of the drug, the honorable amount of one lakh rupees was given to the village. Simultaneously, villagers who were doing good work in the village were rewarded.


Raso Devi of the village kept the demand of a teacher for the school so that the children did not have to go away. In response to this, the Chief Minister said that a large number of teachers have been restored, but there is still a deficit ... soon the initiatives to connect the children of this village will be considered.